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Why choose MarketForex?

MarketForex was set up by trading professionals and expert software developers with the main aim of discovering and comprehending the needs and requirements of its traders and investors, since the very beginning of their trading deal. Providing you with secure, user friendly Forex trading software, MarketForex offers the best currency trading technology with reliable and steady customer feedback services.

Live Real-Time quotes
At MarketForex, we believe in employing superior and sophisticated technologies, enabling us to offer updated quotes every second. We also give you the option of keeping a check on your positions in real time, 24 hours a day, enabling you to make a deal based on real-time information.

100:1 Leverage
The high leverage available with MarketForex is one of the main advantages which only a Forex trader avails, and not the ones dealing in futures and stocks. At over $1.2 trillion a day, it is the unparalleled size of the Forex market which enables us to offer such high leverage.  This also means the increase in the amount of its transactions per day, leading to superior liquidity. By offering you higher leverage of 100:1, we are giving you more buying power than what you normally have as it increases your total return on investment.

Personal account management
At MarketForex, we are available for you 24x7 via phone, e-mails, or through the online chat. Your own Account Service Manager will be appointed to handle and work closely with you. We will also provide you with appropriate background information you require on any issues regarding the Forex market, through seminars, trainings, chat and telephone and technical support.

Stability and Reliability
Fully acknowledging the fact that our clients and their trading is highly dependant on our systems, we keep a powerful, robust and highly fault tolerant server stored safely in our server farm. Forex Day Trading Prospects are such that It has been designed keeping in mind the need of our clients for a 24-hour trading environment, guaranteeing them with more than 99% uptime. We realize the importance of being reliable to our investors, especially for their funds, which is a major concern for them all. Therefore we have taken several important measures to ensure our stability and reliability in context to our clients and their customer deposits.

Instant Deposit via Credit Card
At MarketForex, we enable you to finance your account with your credit card or paypal, permitting you to start trading immediately. We have integrated in our website, high end softwares that ensure the protection of your credit card and also secure your privacy to the utmost standards. You can instantly start trading as you don’t have to download any particular software for the trading purposes. Latest technologies, rules and regulations have been used to give you uninterrupted services.

No hidden costs or fees
MarketForex offers its clients, a totally transparent system assuring no hidden costs, fess or commissions for the deals you make. We are the market makers and make our profits through the bid/ask spreads embedded in the currency rates.

Security and Safety
MarketForex assures its clients a fair and secure dealing while trading, by treating with care and interest, all the matters of data security, confidentiality, reliability and backup.
We make use of top class firewall for security purposes and advanced SSL by Verisign for accurate user authentication and data transferring.
Also, all the information is encrypted and then stored on the servers, along with providing physical security to our server farms, assuring you that your transactions are secure and backed up, in any cases of failure or disaster.

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New Indicators
Check out some new technical indicators that can be used for
Forex trading:
Bollinger Bandwidth
Bollinger Percent B (%b)
Price Volume Trend
Stochastic Oscillator (Full)
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