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Forex Scams and Frauds

Like every other finance and money business, Forex is also exposed to the same or even greater amount of scam and fraud risks from mediators like brokers and dealers. There are some authorities who regulate and manage the currency exchange as well as the futures trading in the United States, such as National Futures Association and The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

These regulating authorities take actions against the companies or individual brokers who are allegedly involved in dishonest or deceitful selling of foreign currency and futures. Any of the Off-exchange trading activity related to Forex or futures, which is not regulated by any known financial authority can be unlawful and may turn out to be a fraud or scam.

Off late, many individual and retail traders have observed greater numbers of investment openings and opportunities. While the complexity and success of Forex market is increasing rapidly, also growing are the fraud and scam risks wherein, there are chances of investors coming along some Forex broker's or dealer's whose dealings and strategies are sometimes not truthful and fair.

Many of these Forex scams or frauds are promoted in the form of lucrative schemes and promotional offers on newspapers, television and the Internet. New traders or individual investors easily fall prey to all these schemes, and mostly end up losing all their hard earned money.

There are a lot of scam artists and swindlers a trader will across while trading at the Forex market. What needs to be done is beware of these frauds and take care not to get carried away by false promises and claims. Some of the common fraudulent ways are listed below:

Companies that promises of No Financial Risks

Always stay away from the companies or brokers who claim to offer its clients with currency trading strategies which proffer very little or no financial risk to its traders. Any financial market whatsoever, be it Stock Exchange, Foreign Exchange or Futures, can only be profitable because it carries along with it, a very high risk of loss for any and every trader equally.

Only good money management techniques can help the traders from suffering losses. Be it an individual trader, retail investor or a big financial firm, profit and losses can occur to anyone in the market. Since the market is continuously changing and volatile, we cannot say that there is anything such as a risk-less Forex market.

Is your broker firm regulated?

Before you decide to partner with a broker firm and give them your money, make sure you know what you are doing. And also make sure you your broker or broker company well. Always inspect the individual or firm you are going to start dealing with for your financial matters.

Always check whether the broker or the firm you are dealing with is registered with the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission or the National Futures Association.

There are many firms which falsely claim that to be registered and regulated by the CFTC or the NFA. This helps them easily gain potential investors and their trust.

But instead of blindly believing the dealer or broker, it is always advisable to cross-check with the brokerís regulatory firm about the brokerís listing status and background. Also important is to carefully read and comprehend the contract terms and conditions put forth to you by your dealer or broker.

False guarantees of Larger Returns and Profits

In this ever changing and rapidly growing financial market, you might come across a lot of firms or dealers guaranteeing large returns or profits in Forex trading. These are sheer schemes and tactics to attract potential investors and giving them false hopes that whatever they invest will be returned to them safely along with added money profit.

These are false claims and promises as no company, no matter how big and professional can promise making profit every day, with every investor. With such an unpredictable market like Forex, it is not possible to assure profits or losses to anyone.

Other than the above mentioned most common fraudulent ways, some other ways with which many traders have been cheated. It is always better to keep them in mind and stay away from them, like openings and offers which Sound Too Good.

Also, be cautious while Transferring Cash over the Net. Always make sure to check the Company's Performance and past Record and especially never deal with the firms or brokers who hesitate to give you their background.

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