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Shortcomings Of being a Forex Trader

Not everyone succeeds with Forex trading. It’s a fact known to all! But the thing to wonder about is that while some achieve more than they aim for, others fail to get back even what they invested.

Although there is no success formula when it comes to Forex Market Trading, certain measures can be taken and a few things kept in mind, which can put struggling traders, a step ahead from their current positions.

A little guidance and information regarding some important aspects of Forex trading will help the traders to know, what to do and what NOT to! It is at times better to recognize the key shortcomings and then keep away from them, in order to grow successfully.

Trade Secret

Traders spend years trying to discover the so called “Trade Secret”. A secret known to just a few other traders, which can turn them into a billionaire, overnight!  

There is no such thing as a “Trade Secret”, which can make someone rich overnight. This is because of the fact that in the Forex market, Change is the only thing permanent! Every instant is only one of its kinds. Traders should work on discovering a Forex trading system that suits their own individuality and behavior, so that they can easily follow it.

Go for the thrill  

Forex, Currencies and Fiscal matters have always attracted people by being an unpredictable, yet, challenging and exciting arena to explore. People are hence, attracted to becoming a Trader.

But if exploration and adventure are the only reasons for certain traders to join trading in the Forex market, they are soon about to realize how costly this quest turns out for them.

What’s Money Management?

A significant characteristic of any form of trading is the finances. Some people feel that they need to think about money management only when they have sufficient amount of profitable cash in hand. What they forget is that the trading involves a huge amount of risk in it too.  

Only when a trader trades keeping in mind money management, it lets his profits to enhance systematically, while limiting his risk with each trade. Money management lets a trader know, how much he can afford to lose.

Easy Money

Easy money is also one of the most common reasons why people are attracted towards Forex market and trading. As seen on television or movies, they believe it easily when heroes turn into millionaires with just one bet.

Seeing along with it, how easy it is to trade, people want to become traders and invest whatever little they can afford, just to become rich easily.

Indeed it is easy to trade and the market is open for anyone who wants to come in and trade. But the main reason to enter into the market is to make money, an aspect of Forex trading which is not easy at all.

Making profits or accomplishing constant profits is a hard nut to crack in reality. It is something that needs and involves a lot of learning, persistence, restraint, dedication, and lots of other qualities, which are not that easy to keep up with.


Education makes the foundation for any business, service or job or any other discipline, to be successful. Full knowledge about a matter one is dealing in, helps his/her understand in depth, what needs to be done.

Trading too, necessitates its traders to have thorough study and knowledge about the stream. Experience is of valuable significance here. Anyone with a high level of expertise or experience in the trading market can guide a new trader correctly. Although, one needs to beware of some experts who might get a newbie going on the wrong side of it all.

Market is a teacher in itself, teaching everyday to a number of traders on what should have been done in a particular situation. Education, in terms of currency trading can take as many years as one can think of.

The market can prove any expert wrong at any point. So it is always said in terms of the market, that the learning never ends here!

Mental adjustment

Considered as one of the most undervalued issue when talking about trading matters and market, Mental adjustment is one of the main matters to be kept in mind when entering or deciding about entering into the trading world.

So many psychological issues such as ego, greed, proud, to name a few come into the picture when traders trade with each other. All these issues are a matter of significance as they determine whether to make or mar a deal.

Above mentioned are some of the most common hurdles and shortcomings faced by the traders, new and old, everyday.

It is not easy to trade. What one needs is the skill, education, patience, perseverance and the right kind of attitude to deal with any situation whatsoever, sportingly.

Market will someday show us profits and some days, loss. What we need to learn is to take risk, but with precautions.

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